The workshop organisers and participants on the beach outside the workshop venue.

It has already been more than two weeks since the second Taming the BEAST workshop took place on Waiheke island in New Zealand. Thanks to the group from the University of Auckland for putting up an amazing workshop in a stunning location! Thanks also to all the speakers for agreeing to take part and making the long journey to New Zealand!

The workshop was the first test of the website as a workshop tool. Although there were a few issues and misunderstandings, the website seems to be working. I’ll be going over the feedback from the workshop in the next month and integrating any suggestions to the website. We also identified some issues with a few of the tutorials during the workshop and I’ll also be updating them soon as well. If there are any further issues, please raise them on the Github repository of the tutorial in question. Finally, all of the lecture slides from the workshop have been uploaded and are available from the workshops page.

We are currently discussing and planning the next workshop in the series and it will be posted here as soon as the dates have been finalised!

At the Goldie estate vineyard where we had the workshop dinner.