31 Oct 2016 by Louis

General guidelines

  • The tutorial should be a self-contained unit and needs to contain, in addition to the tutorial itself:
    • All data files used in the tutorial.
    • Example BEAST2 XML files.
    • Example output files from running the XML files in BEAST2.
    • Any scripts needed for pre- or post-processing.
  • It should be possible to work through the tutorial in roughly an hour.
  • At the beginning of the tutorial the question or type of analysis the tutorial is for should be clearly stated.
  • The tutorial should contain enough background information to motivate why particular methods are being used.
  • The tutorial should contain a small section describing the data used in the tutorial.
  • The tutorial should contain a section that explains how to interpret the results.

Attribution and licensing

  • All authors should be added to the yaml header of README.md.
  • If your tutorial is based on a previous tutorial written by someone else please clearly state this and add a citation/link to the previous tutorial.
  • If your tutorial makes use of models that do not form part of the BEAST2 core, please cite the relevant papers and packages!
  • Information about the license should be added at the end of the tutorial (We require that all tutorials be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license).

Common-sense guidelines

  • Keep the data files small. It is for demonstration purposes only and should not take too much space or take too long to run.
  • Do not add figures that are unnecessarily large.